Nuts! Food for Thought

We are not alone in our desire to better ourselves and live the ‘good life’. Nor are we alone in he hard work, frustrations and ability to start over again.

Last night I sat with my 90 year-old friend on his back deck in the pine trees of the eastern sierra foothills just watching the  squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, song birds and Quail play out the serious games of their lives. Looking for nuts and seeds was their work and communicating in their own way was game.

Wow! What a show they put on. There were probably 100 Quail, 6-8 rabbits, 10-12 ground squirrels, and 5 to 7 chipmunks in view most of the evening. All seemed to be scurrying to someplace important. It reminded me of my early days in business.

The scene that had me laughing the most was between a rabbit and a ground squirrel. I noticed the rabbit sitting on a mound of old pine needles just taking things in and paying little attention to activity around him. a ground squirrel that was circling the seemingly approachable  rabbit got closer and closer until they were standing inches apart nose to nose. All at once the rabbit jumped straight up into the air and with surprisingly swift moves whacked the squirrel with both front and back feet. Stunned and rejected, that squirrel speed away to the closest clump of sagebrush! After a bit of  ‘self-talk’ and posturing, the squirrel began circling the rabbit again. But guess what? He (or she) never got any closer than about 3ft. 1in. from that rabbit.

There might be some things to ponder concerning the way we approach people for our businesses. Seems just like the way I used the “three-foot-rule”.

I have a question.    Did the squirrel have the wrong technique? …or …was the rabbit not EVER going to buy?

Wait until you hear the lesson that I learned from the Quail…until next time.

Live The Good Life

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