Failure and Success Leaves Clues

Success Leaves Clues – Just Find Them

I recently reviewed an interesting “Hang-out” that I believe is worth watching more than once. The participants were just discussing the changes that they personally took to cross that thin line between working very hard and failing and then turning things around to a point of working hard and succeeding.  The interesting thing to me was the parallel between their struggles, my attempts at many different attempts and the path that most above average successful entrepreneurs. See  If you find any clues and let me know,


Failure and Success Leaves Clues

The clues left behind, for the most part, just gives us a track of where we have been. These bits of information that we determine are part of our failures or success are greatly prejudiced by the ‘lens’ that we use to judge ourselves.


Success Leaves Clues

Success Leaves Clues-Work Leaves Results

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