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Helpful Avon Review

It is not easy to find a good Avon review that is helpful for the potential member, the existing distributors and to the company. Many times the reviews are authored by ex distributors who, for one reason or the other, did not make any money in the business or by active distributors that are excited about their business and about sponsoring you in to their business.

The thing that makes this Avon Review easy is the fact that Avon is the number 1 company on most any mlm or personal care product list. It’s a giant company that works extremely hard to reach each distributor on a personal basis. However, like most other direct sales and network marketing companies the vast majority fail to reach the riches they dreamed of. The expectations of fast cash and easy return are often exaggerated by eager distributors expressing their dream or telling the stories of the actual successes of the few who figure out the code and stick to a winning plan. Stick with me…there is still hope.  The promise of making good money is not wrong in itself. But we really need to take a much closer look to discover the truth.

Behind the Mirrors of Avon Review

The company was started in a small business office in lower New York City in 1886 by Mr. David McConnel. In the early days the company was named the California Perfume Company and the use of Avon as a trademark name started in 1929. You can see that Avon has been around for a long time and deserves respect on that note.

Avon Global Expansion

Would it surprise you to know that Brazil is the company’s largest market, passing the United States in 2010?  Avon sells products in over 140 countries including china…  but there, legal changes in 1998 made it so that they could sell only through ‘brick and mortar’  stores called Beauty Boutiques.


Thought by many to be a ‘ladies only’ direct sales organization, we found that a growing number of men are joining in this door-to-door cadre of sales people. Brochures, samples and product sheets are handed out to personal friends, family and acquaintances’.

Avon training centers located  through-out the world help women (and men) who want to become Avon representatives selling beauty products, accessories, jewelry and clothing. Some of these  Avon training centers have  small retail sections with skin care products, such as creams, serums, makeup, and washes.

Avon uses both door-to-door sales people (“Avon ladies,” primarily and a growing number of men) and brochures to advertise its products.  Avon training centers help women who want to become Avon representatives selling beauty products, jewelry, accessories and clothing.

Each Avon representative is an independent sales representative running their own business licensed to sell brands such as Avon, Avon Naturals, Skin-So-Soft and Mark.

At present there is a small cost to get started.. about $10 if in the United States.

Intangible Discovery

I have tried to present an un-biased Avon Review, but may have been of-the-mark. Here is why:

  • Ø I don’t get it…my wife does. I love to see the glow
  • Ø There is an excitement for these products and this business that is unexplainable
  • Ø It’s as exciting in some circles as the Super Bowl…You tell me!

Will YOU be the next Avon success story? Only you can answer that…

Warm regards,

Jerry Hoskin, DC

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